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Emmy Noether Chapter

Who was Emmy Noether?

Emmy Noether was a German mathematician who created significant contributions to abstract algebra. She made two well-known math theorems called, Noether First and Second theorems used in physics. Emmy was described by many, like Albert Einstein, as the most important woman in the history of mathematics. During her career, she taught at an institute without being paid for seven years showing her passion and commitment to teaching. She also wanted to open up more opportunities and taught doctoral and post-graduate women. Though her work was controversial during her time, many physicists and crystallographers find it useful today. 


Who's teaching?

The chapter director of this chapter is Navya Pichika, a sophomore at Irvington High school. This year she is teaching Competitive Math and is excited to share her love and interest in math with WLS students.

Class Content

October 2022 - March 2022: Competitive Math



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