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Our Team

Ishani Das

Katherine Johnson Chapter Co-Director
Founder & President, Chief Executive Officer

Hello! My name is Ishani Das, and I am currently an incoming sophomore at Cupertino High School, CA. Some of my hobbies include swimming, ice skating and watching tv! I am extremely passionate about STEM, and I have been interested in coding since about 4th grade. In school, my favorite subject is math, and I love working together with others to build and create new innovations everyday! Coding has always been a tough yet exciting path for me. Starting with having tiny bugs such as missing a semicolon messing up my entire program, to accidentally deleting the whole program, I can proudly say that the end result is always worth it, and all your hard work pays off! I would like to help foster this rewarding feeling into kids starting from a young age, to prepare them for an exciting future in STEM!


Anusha Singhai

Katherine Johnson Chapter Co-Director
Vice-President, Chief Technology Officer

Hi, I'm Anusha Singhai! I'm currently an incoming 10th grade at Cupertino High, and I've lived in the Bay Area almost my whole life. I love music, eating chocolate, and sleeping in on weekends! I was first introduced to coding in 7th grade through an organization like this one. Before that, I didn't know anything about coding, and I thought it would be too hard, boring, and pointless. I ended up getting proved wrong, as I discovered the endless possibilities of coding and the rush of excitement as your program finally works. Coding is a challenging, but rewarding experience, and I would love to share this experience with students who were just like me, and maybe even inspire a lifelong interest in STEM!

Yuvika Mukherjee

Marie Curie Chapter Co-Director
Chief Operations Officer

My name is Yuvika Mukherjee and I'm currently a rising sophomore at Doughtery Valley Highschool, CA. A little more about me is that I'm an only child and some of my past times include playing the trombone, writing poetry, and hanging out with friends and family. I have a significant amount of experience in STEM, including being accelerated in both math and science as well as numerous classes in robotics, competitive math, etc. I am especially passionate in increasing female representation in STEM and helping kids interested in STEM find their voice. I am currently on my debate team and hope to help children in both STEM education and successfully communicating their ideas.


Arushi Chanda

Marie Curie Chapter Co-Director
Chief Learning Officer

Greetings! My name is Arushi Chanda and I'm currently a sophomore at Doughtery Valley Highschool, CA. A little more about me is that I'm an only child and some of my past times include figure skating, violin, helping out at fundraisers, animal shelters and food banks, and hanging out with my friends and family! I have loads of former experience in STEM, including my passion for the immense diversity of computers and coding where I developed skills to easily grasp concepts and ideas. Despite being pushed through challenges, I embrace the notion of thinking outside the box when solving mathematical questions and viewing setbacks as learning tools. I aspire to bestow the knowledge I've gained to others and hope I can continue to inflict positivity and joy for others who want to continue on in the pathway of STEM!

Diya Meeniga

Rebecca Cole Chapter Co-Director

Hello! My name is Diya Meeniga and I'm a sophomore at Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, California. Some of my hobbies include hanging out with my friends and playing soccer. I play competitive soccer for my club team and for my school. In my free time, I love to cook various types of food with my family and go on hikes. I have been actively participating in STEM events since I was in fourth grade, including coding camps and olympiads. At school my favorite subjects are biology and chem. I have always had a passion for anything science related. I am part of the science olympiad team at my school, in which I get to learn about very unique topics including Astronomy and Ornithology. I have also been coding since seventh grade. The thrill of fixing your errors and getting your program to run successfully is something I really love. I hope to give students the opportunity to feel the same way and share the knowledge I've gained with others.


Manya Dua

Rebecca Cole Chapter Co-Director

Hi! I am Manya Dua and I am a sophomore at Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, California. I am really excited to be a Chapter Director at We Love Stem! A little more about me is that I love reading and writing in my free time, hanging out with friends, playing badminton and volunteering. I was introduced to coding in seventh grade summer when gradually an interest sparked. Coding is definitely challenging, however, if done with the write mindset, It can be life changing. Although having a tough time with programs going from making minute mistakes to having the program work, I can assure you that the process might be challenging but the result is always sweet. I am also an active member of Speech and Debate and I hope to utilize my skills to develop strong communication skills in students as well as generate positivity and support to all the individuals who want to continue on the path of STEM!

Nayja Shah

Florence Nightingale Chapter Co-Director

Hello, my name is Nayja Shah and I am one of the Chapter Directors for this nonprofit organization. I am a rising sophomore in Dougherty Valley High School. A little bit about me is, I have a twin sister and I enjoy spending a lot of time with my family. I enjoy participating in fundraisers and nonprofit programs as well as learning more about STEM. Some of my hobbies are writing, reading, sketching, and playing badminton. I have tutored students in the past and worked with multiple special education students and gained a stable teaching background. Although I don't have a concrete background in STEM, math is one of my favorite subjects to learn about. There are so many possibilities within mathematics, I hope to show the other side, more diverse and engrossing side of math!


Nirvaa Shah

Florence Nightingale Chapter Co-Director

Hello, my name is Nirvaa Shah. I am a sophomore at Dougherty Valley High School. I am very excited to be a Chapter Director at WLS, STEM is a very important subject to me and as I teach I am very excited to learn new things that I may not have known before. In my free time, I am always singing or reading. Singing is a passion I have had since I was a young girl and it is my way of escaping reality. I have tutored previously and had some experience with teaching. I am ready to explore STEM with my new students. Have a great day!

Charlotte Law

Ada Lovelace Chapter Co-Director

Hello! My name is Charlotte Law and I'm a rising sophomore at Dougherty Valley High School in San Ramon, California. I am excited to serve as a Chapter Director for WLS! I want to take this opportunity to inspire other students to gain interest and learn more about STEM. In addition to STEM, I also enjoy figure skating, snowboarding, skiing, playing piano, and violin! I’m very interested in STEM. I served as a team leader for a Cybersecurity team in which we scored top percentages nationally. Additionally, I have taken biology, chemistry, computer programming and other STEM programs offered by UC Berkeley, Stanford and MIT.

Charlotte Law Chapter DIrector - Charlot

Manahil Syeda

Ada Lovelace Chapter Co-Director

Hello! I am Manahil Syeda and am currently a sophomore at Dougherty Valley High School. I am thrilled to be joining We Love Stem as a Chapter Director! I have been actively participating and volunteering in STEM programs. I enjoy learning about math and sciences and especially love chemistry and computer science. In my free time, I am typically seen learning how to solve complex Rubik's cubes, experimenting with drawing styles, or simply sitting down for hours with a book. I had been introduced to coding in 5th grade through 'Hour of Code.' sparking my passion for coding. I started with simple softwares, such as Scratch and Hopscotch, combining simple block coding with art and games I was playing at the time. The idea of coding is phenomenal, as, with simple knowledge, one can create so many complex programs through challenging oneself and working hard to achieve one's goal. Computer science involves problem-solving and perseverance, and the satisfaction one feels when creating functional code on their own is unmatched. STEM allows us to not only find interests in aspects of our world but also explore our creative sides and develop essential skills that will sustain us for the rest of our lives. I hope that I can bring to our students the enthusiasm and joy I feel when it comes to STEM. Happy learning!

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