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India COVID Fundraiser

As you all probably know, the COVID situation in India has gotten worse due to the 2nd Wave, and the people of India are facing crisis in various fronts (e.g. oxygen cylinder supply, medical needs, ambulance, quarantine facilities, testing and vaccination shortage and so on). Our hearts go out to everyone who lost a loved one, and are praying for those who are currently fighting a battle against it. We stand with people of India to combat this pandemic. We Love STEM is raising funds to help the NGOs and healthcare workers who are fighting this battle in India. We are requesting all our students, families and patrons to donate money for this cause. Below are few of the partner NGOs/organizations through which We Love STEM will extend its support to, for the COVID impacted people in India.

This youth-led organization in Kolkata has a great history of serving vulnerable communities in consistent ways during various natural disasters, as well as performing year-round work to improve the lives of people in marginal sections of society. They have several ongoing efforts, and currently their "oxygen relief program of NSM Foundation for the COVID affected patients" supports the Bengal population with oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, oxy cans, and free food for those whose livelihood were affected by COVID.

Mission Oxygen is one of the largest and esteemed NGOs in India which was formed to assist hospitals that were running out of oxygen to treat COVID-19 patients. They are helping hospitals all over India save lives by procuring and donating oxygen concentrators, and supplementing hospital infrastructure with oxygenation plants, as well as other life saving equipment. This organization is working with Government of India, various State Governments, and Public Healthcare organizations.

Milaap - Oxygen Flowmeters For Covid-19 Patients

This organization is based in Kolkata, West Bengal and uses donations to arrange oxygen flowmeters, inhalers, and related medical supplies for the needy COVID-19 patients who cannot afford medical attention otherwise.

If you are interested in raising funds for these organizations through WLS:

  • Website - "Donate" button

  • PayPal

  • Facebook Fundraiser

  • Checks (online bill pay/paper) - Can be made payable to "We Love STEM" and mailed to 20364 Gillick Way Cupertino, CA 95014.

We Love STEM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the federal law of the United States. Hence you can claim tax deductions for all your donations to We Love STEM.

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