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Monthly Recap: February 2021

What have we accomplished this month?

During the month of February, we held an incredibly successful guest speaker event with the Vice-Mayor of Cupertino, Liang-Fang Chao, who talked to us about her journey in STEM and politics on the 6th. In case you missed the event, click here to watch the recorded version! Additionally, many of our chapters wrapped up their first units of the school year and began their second ones.

What do we want to achieve next month?

We have many exciting plans for March, and the first begins with getting interviewed by the City of Cupertino’s Teen Commission, because we were nominated to be the Youth-Led Organization of the Month! Our President and Vice-President will be taking this interview on March 10th, and we are hoping for the best! Additionally, we are planning to make some changes on the website so that course material is easier to understand for prospective students.

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