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Monthly Recap: November 2020

What have we accomplished this month?

This has been an incredibly productive month as we have successfully completed our second month of online WLS classes! Although it is more difficult to make connections over Zoom, all of us at We Love STEM feel like our classroom bonds are getting stronger, and are so proud of everyone for adjusting to the situation and doing their best. As we work towards our final projects and begin to wrap up our first unit, it’s the perfect time of the year to contact us if you would like to join We Love STEM classes going forward!

What do we want to achieve next month?

We have very exciting plans for mid-December, as we plan to hold a Winter Social, where we will invite all parents or anyone who would like to come, to show what we have accomplished throughout the school year. This social will be a chance for all We Love STEM chapters to connect and to see what other groups have done. Although the date and time are not finalized yet, we will be updating our website as well as contacting parents/students once we do!

Below, you can find a video of an app the Katherine Johnson Chapter designed over the past few weeks!

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