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Monthly Recap: September 2020

What have we accomplished this month?

Since the beginning of September, we had been working extremely hard contacting 5th-8th grade students from different backgrounds and areas. Through rigorous hours of emailing and calling schools, as well as marketing across social media platforms such as Nextdoor, Facebook, and Instagram, we have 60 kids registered for the WLS 20-21 School Year from California, and even out of state, a list added below!

  • Pleasanton

  • Cupertino

  • San Ramon

  • San Jose

  • Fremont

  • Newark

  • Campbell

  • Milpitas

  • Duluth

  • Santa Clara

  • Outside CA:

    • Alpharetta, GA

    • Cumming, GA

    • Johns Creek, GA

Each We Love STEM Chapter is named after an influential woman in STEM, including the following below:

  • Katherine Johnson

  • Marie Curie

  • Rebecca Cole

  • Ada Lovelace

  • Florence Nightingale

We’ve made adjustments to our curriculum plan for the 20-21 school year, which now includes App Development, Competitive Math Training, Java, Python, and instead of Conics, Web Development and continued building our curriculum for each unit. The school year will be divided into 3 separate units, from Oct-Dec, Jan-March, Apr-June.

Among the Executive Team, we held a board meeting and discussed marketing strategies and future plans for We Love STEM. To keep parents in the loop and Parent Info Meeting on 9/26, where we explained what our mission is, what the school year will look like, Chapter schedules, and a Q&A.

Statistics from the 20-21 enrolled students:

What do we want to achieve next month?

Starting from the first week of October, We Love STEM is officially beginning the 20-21 school year! Students will be attending 1-1.5 hour long classes 1 day/a week, and we are excited to meet some new faces! :)

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